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A greater vision for your greatest mission.

What is Journey to the Nations?

Journey to the Nations (JTTN) is an informing, inspiring six-session study of God’s heart for the world and your part in our greatest mission – the Great Commission. Each session uses verses, videos, and interaction to explore key issues about global missions. For more details, go to About JTTN.

Why should I take a Journey class?

In our best moments we long for something greater than self, something that will last. Good news! You have a mission to the world—whether you ever leave home or not. JTTN is not just for a few of us: it is for us all because we all have a part in God’s global cause.

Journey will energize and equip you for your mission. Take this with your missions team, short-term team, adult Bible fellowship, community group, and missions enthusiasts. (In the future, additional options will include self-study and wider area classes led by area coordinators.)

How can I take a Journey class?

  1. Click “Enroll in a Class” below. This will take you to the Storefront where you purchase a Study Guide and complete a short form. 
  2. Your Class Event site is the location for class details.
  3. Your My Account site is the location for class updates. Check here frequently throughout the course.
  4. Receive the Study Guide prior to the first class. Complete the homework before each session. Come prepared to discuss and interact!
how to take a JTTN class

Take A Group Study Class

How will we assist you?

When you join a JTTN class, you will gain access to the following resources:

  1.  Your “My Account” page.   Visit your “My Account” page frequently for updates, additions, password management, Forums, and more. (under “Shop” above)
  2. The Study Guide contains verses, videos, questions, and situations designed for interaction and encouragement.
  3. The Group Leader will use additional insights, exercises, and interactions found in the Leader’s Guide.
  4. The website will contain additional resources and insights for the future.