Insights and Information for your Mission to the Nations

How will your training impact your students and the nations?

Your school plays a key role in the Great Commission! At home, raise “World Christians”: offer your students greater global passion and participation. Abroad, expand your impact on other nations. How will you extend your resources, students, and training worldwide?

We offer:


Our Missions Summit is a proven process that will expand your missional influence at home and abroad. Together we will discover where you are, where you could go, and how to get there as we work through the essential areas of global ministry and begin a strategic plan for the next level.

These areas include:

  • Integration of a global worldview
  • International opportunities for your students, faculty, and resources
  • Inspiration and mobilization of your students

This is a small investment with a great return! Contact GIS for more details.


GIS offers two valuable mission information services:

Resources: reliable mission materials for your library and students, particularly the Global Impact Manual.

Research: to explore the needs and your best opportunities to develop international partnerships and student participation


Use our inspiring, informing presentations to bring global skills and passion to your conferences and events, chapels, seminars, classroom, retreats, workshops, and strategy sessions. /Especially note our seminar to equip your pastoral students for local church missions.