Global Impact Manual

Global Impact Manual

The Global Impact Manual will become your primary resource for global and cross-cultural ministry.

The Manual contains:

  • Eighteen components of missions
  • Motivation, inspiration, evaluative tools, your destination, resources, strategies, and and next steps.


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The Global Impact Manual is the essential roadmap for your mission to the nations. The Manual will stand alone as an ongoing resource. There is even more impact when we use this in the context of a Missions Consult.

These eighteen sections contain the perspective, worksheets, and desired outcomes:

  1. Prepare for change.
  2. Pray for change.
  3. Support your pastor.
  4. Build a strong lead team.
  5. Run an effective lead team.
  6. Develop your mission and strategy.
  7. Develop your goals and objectives.
  8. Develop your policies.
  9. Maximize where you send, who you send, how you send.
  10. Care for your missionaries.
  11. Send quality short-term teams on quality trips.
  12. Increase your amount and methods of giving.
  13. Maximize the use of your limited funds.
  14. Utilize missions education.
  15. Promote missions more effectively and consistently.
  16. Consider more ministry for…
  17. Go beyond “missions as usual”.
  18. Mobilize your people.

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Weight 64 oz
Year Published 2007
Publisher Global Impact Publishing

Hardcover notebook bound
90 pages


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