Insights and Information for your Mission to the Nations

Use our inspiring, informing presentations for mission conferences and events, pulpit supply, retreats, chapel, classrooms, staff workshops, strategy sessions, or brainstorm sessions.

Topics include:

    • What In the World Is God Doing?
    • What In the World Are We Doing?
    • The Global Mission of the Local Church
    • Doing Missions In the Twenty-First Century
    • Making Missions Work
    • Making Partnerships Work
    • The Main Thing: Life’s Ultimate Purpose
    • The Moral of the Story: The Bible’s Ultimate Application
    • Understanding Islam
    • The Persecuted Church
    • The Unfinished Task
    • Teaching Them To Observe All Things: The Need for Leadership Training
    • Business As Mission

And… any mission-related topic or theme you wish to explore.