We coach your partners.

Our Preparation Services will equip you to send well and your partners to go better prepared.

When it comes to your partners, how will you “send them on their way in a manner worthy of God” (3 John 6)? Like the military, they serve on the front lines in our place. They deserve our very best support.

  • Schedule a debrief.
    We offer missionary coaching and debriefing on next steps, conflict resolution, funding, and more. A second set of experienced eyes and ears is often just what it takes to work through issues.
  • Use Preparing for Cross-cultural Ministry. This powerful four-lesson study will equip those who go with the four essential skills for successful cross-cultural living and serving. This is also a great training for those who send. A Leader’s Guide is also available.

For a more complete description of our Preparation resources and services, or to purchase a copy of our guide, see our Preparing for Cross-cultural Ministry: Four Essential Skills product details.