JTTN Leader’s Guide Errata

Journey to the Nations

Leader’s Guide ERRATA

References and resources are dynamic, moving targets. What you will find in this document are any changes or updates within the Journey to the Nations Leader’s Guide. If you encounter a broken link in your document, you may find updated information here.

If you do not find the broken link you are looking for referenced here, please contact Global Impact to let us know what you have found.

Thank you!

  1. Lesson 2, Page 17

    The video referenced in the last item on the page is still found on prayercast.com. But the title of “The World” video has been changed to “Nations Video”.


  2. Lesson 5, Page 31

    There is a better site for the “6 WAYS TO REACH GOD’S WORLD” video in Lesson Five. Go to:


  3. Lesson 5, Page 34

    The video “The Nations” is no longer available. There are no substitutions at this time.