We motivate your people.

Our Mobilization Services will deepen the passion and participation of your people. 

Jesus spent time with the few who would lead the way, and He also reached the crowds. Take this same two-pronged approach: invest in those God may be leading to the nations, and energize more of your people for the mission.

  • Schedule our staff to instill greater passion.
    GIS staff offer sermons and seminars on a variety of missional topics.
  • Use Journey to the Nations (JTTN) Study Guide and Classes.
    This in-depth, six-part study explores the biblical and global foundation for missions, and then makes practical application to life. Take the course on your own (beginning Summer 2023) or with a class. In a class, participants work through the Study Guide; your leader runs the course with the Leader’s Guide or the Instructional Videos.

This is the best resource we have to mobilize others!

For a more complete description of the JTTN Study Guide, or to purchase a copy, see our Journey to the Nations Study Guide product details.