Lead a JTTN class

A greater vision for your greatest mission.

What is Journey to the Nations?

Journey to the Nations (JTTN) is an informing, inspiring  six-session study of God’s heart for the world and our part in His mission. To learn more, go to About JTTN.

Why lead a Journey class?

If you want to instill in others a greater passion and participation for God’s global cause, lead a JTTN course with your missions team, short-term team, adult Bible fellowship, community group, or your wider community. This highly interactive, six-session study will engage and equip participants for their global calling.

How do I lead a Journey class?

  1. Purchase the Group Leader Registration. This one-time purchase gives you everything you need to run class(es).
    – Click below to purchase the Leader Registration.
    – Next? We will notify you when payment has cleared.
  2. Complete the Leader Registration process. Your status as a Leader gives you access to all materials and resources.
    – Go to My Account. Complete the form, manage your account. 
    – Next? Receive your Welcome Packet and free Global Impact Manual ( 5-7 business days).
  3. Set up your course. Give careful attention to your materials and your students.
    – Prepare your materials. Your  Welcome Packet includes your Leader’s Guide and Study Guide.
    – Recruit your students. Use your class webpage, personal invitation, flyers, social media, and more.
  4. Lead the course. Everything is set! Run the course with passion and discussion. Contact us with any questions.

Begin your journey!

Become a JTTN Group Study Leader

How will we assist you?

When you become a registered Group Leader, we offer the following help:

  1.    Your “My Account” page.   Visit your “My Account” page frequently for updates, additions, password management, Forums, Lesson’s Resources—arranged as companions to your Leader’s Guide, and more. (under “Shop” above)
  2.   The master Checklist and Timeline. Use this step-by-step worksheet to keep on top of the steps and timing. (Leader’s Guide p.3)
  3.   Recruitment assistance. Recruit well and often. Use all means at your disposal: flyers, email, personal contact.
  4.   Leader’s Guide. Utilize the discussion points, group activities, videos, demonstrations, and more.
  5.   Home office support. Ask questions any time we are available to assist you.