Lead a JTTN class

A greater vision for your greatest mission.

What is Journey to the Nations?

Journey to the Nations (JTTN) is an informing, inspiring  six-session study of God’s heart for the world and our part in His mission. For more details, go to About JTTN.

Why lead a Journey class?

If you want to instill in others a greater passion and participation for God’s global cause, lead a JTTN group study with your missions team, short-term team, adult Bible fellowship, community group, or missions enthusiasts. This highly interactive, six-session study will engage and equip participants for their global role. (In the future, additional options will include self-study and wider area classes led by area coordinators.)

How do I lead a Journey class?

  1. Decide which option to use. Option One is the minimum. Option Two includes Group Leader resources.


Options Option One:
Purchase SG&LG
Option Two:
Purchase Leader Package
Study Guide X X
Leader’s Guide X X
Class-specific website X
Staff help X
Promotional flyers X
Global Impact Manual X
($39 value)
Cost $42.99 $79

2. Make your purchase. Option One: purchase you Study Guide and Leader’s Guide. Option Two: purchase the Group Leader Registration. We will send your materials.

3.  Distribute the Study Guides. Order a batch of Study Guides or instruct students to make the purchase.

4. Access Group Leader resources. Go to Shop > My Account

5. Run the class!

Become a JTTN Group Study Leader

Lead A Group Study Class

How will we assist you?

When you become a registered group leader, we offer the following help:

  1.    Your “My Account” page.   Visit your “My Account” page frequently for updates, additions, password management, Forums, and more. (under “Shop” above)
  2.   The master Checklist and Timeline. Use this step-by-step worksheet to keep on top of the steps and timing.
  3.   Recruitment assistance. Recruit well and often. Use all means at your disposal: flyers, email, personal contact.
  4.   Leader’s Guide. Utilize the discussion points, group activities, videos, demonstrations, and more.
  5.   Home office support. Ask questions any time we are available to assist you.