Insights and Information for your Mission to the Nations

How will you choose the most strategic projects?

Your foundation plays a key role in the Great Commission! Under a flood of requests, the right priorities, insights, and information will help you make the right decisions. What perspectives, trends, data, and contacts do you need? How will you determine the strategic nature of a project or ministry? Beside writing a check, what else can you do?

We offer:


There are many things you could do, but in light of almost unlimited requests and limited resources what could you do to maximize your impact? Together, we can explore your overall mission, funding decisions, partnership criteria, and more. Let’s find where you are, where you could go, and how to get there.

Our Evaluation Service offers assistance to help you assess proposals and how they fit the global needs and your priorities.


GIS offers two valuable mission information services:

Resources: reliable mission materials and contacts, particularly the Global Impact Manual.

Research: informed analysis of current or potential partners or projects


Use our engaging seminars and strategy sessions for inspiration, information, global awareness, current trends, brainstorm sessions, and related situations.