Insights and Information for your Mission to the Nations

How will you go beyond “missions as usual” and to the next level?

The church stands at the center of God’s plan for the nations. Is missions at the center of your plans? How will you maximize your resources and mobilize your people for greater global impact? GIS can help you find a deeper evaluation, a greater vision, and a clearer direction on the way forward. It’s not just about more money, it’s about better strategy!

We offer:


Our MISSIONS SUMMIT – a focused time of discussion and decision – will help you reach your “summit”: the highest and best place of global ministry for your church. Together we will explore the essential areas of global ministry and begin a strategic plan for the next level. This is a small investment with a great return!

We can also meet for other conversations on specific areas, issues, or challenges. See the list of essentials here.


We offer two valuable mission information services.

Resources: reliable mission materials and contacts, particularly the Global Impact Manual.

Research: informed analysis of current or potential partners and projects.


Utilize our inspiring sermons and seminars for conferences, pulpit supply, retreats, or workshops.