Insights and Information for your Mission to the Nations

How will you leverage your business for Kingdom impact?

Your business plays a key role in the Great Commission. The widgets you make are the means to your greater purpose! How will you accomplish your greatest mission? For what international ministries has God impassioned and positioned you? Transform your business into mission!

We offer:


This new century in missions offers businesses new and creative opportunities to assist the global church in strategic ways and places. Join the “Business As Mission” movement! Together we can discover where you are, where you could go, and how to get there. Let GIS help you clarify your ministry priorities and next steps. This is a small investment with a great return.

Our Foundation Service assists businesses in establishing or expanding a charitable foundation with strategic purpose and direction.


GIS offers two valuable mission information services:

Resources: reliable mission materials and contacts, particularly the Global Impact Manual.

Research: insights and information you need for greater Kingdom impact


Use our engaging seminars and strategy sessions for inspiration, information, global awareness, brainstorm sessions, and current trends, situations, and opportunities.