Insights and Information for your Mission to the Nations

How will you make new and current ministries more effective?

You are fishers of men: we can help you fish better. There are many things you can do, but in light of almost unlimited opportunities and limited resources what could you do to maximize your Kingdom influence? What additional evaluation, research, contacts, connections, insights, information, and resources do you need to get to the next level?

We offer:


Take a good look at your current and potential ministries through objective, experienced eyes. Together we will discuss where you are, where you could go, and how to get there. Take a fresh look at your overall vision, mission, goals, and strategies. And in light of existing trends and efforts, take an honest look at current issues, partnerships, and strategies for improvement. This is a small investment with a great return!


GIS offers two valuable mission information services:

Resources: reliable mission materials and contacts, particularly the Global Impact Manual.

Research: valued insights and information, careful analysis, demographics, “best practice” studies, and more to gain greater perspective and progress on new and potential ministries.


Use our engaging seminars and strategy sessions for inspiration, information, global awareness, long-range planning, brainstorm sessions, and current situations.