About Journey to the Nations

A greater vision for your greatest mission.

What is Journey to the Nations?

Journey to the Nations (JTTN) is a concise, in-depth study of our greatest mission—the Great Commission.

In six sessions, the Journey study answers six vital questions.

i.     What does the Bible really say about missions? Lesson One: Global Mission
ii.    What is God doing in the world? Lesson Two: Global Situation
iii.    What is the heart of the mission? Lesson Three: Global Direction
iv.    How can we serve those who go? Lesson Four: Global Partners
v.     How can we reach the lost, half a world away? Lesson Five: Global Witness
vi.    What does does God want me to do next? Lesson Six: Global Life

Why take Journey to the Nations?

In our best moments we long for something greater than self, something that will last. Good news! You have a mission to the ends of the earth—whether you ever leave home or not. JTTN is not just for a few of us: it is for us all because we all have a part in God’s global cause. Find your place in His plan. Take a class.

Why lead a Journey class?

If you want to instill in others a greater passion and participation for God’s global cause, lead a JTTN course with your missions team, short-term team, adult Bible fellowship, community group, or missions enthusiasts. This highly interactive, six-session study will engage and equip participants for their global role. Lead a class.


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How does the Journey to the Nations (JTTN) course work?

A group leader or area coordinator leads their group through this discussion-based study. Three lessons lay the foundation and then three make life application. The Study Guide, Leader’s Guide, videos, exercises, and three more lessons provide additional insights.

How can I take a class?

Currently, you can take JTTN in a group setting. Soon there will also be self-study and an area study (a wider audience). For more details and to register, go to Take a class.

How can I lead a class?

To lead a Group Study, register and purchase the materials. For more details go to Lead a class.

How is JTTN related to Global Impact Services?

Global Impact Services (GIS) is the parent organization; JTTN is one of its proven resources.

We offer:

  • Consultation: Global Impact Manual, church / organization missions coaching
  • Mobilization: Journey to the Nations, cross-cultural / refugee training, presentations
  • Preparation: Preparing for Cross-Cultural Ministry, coaching, debriefing, fundraising

To learn more, go to globalimpactservices.org.