The Great Commission is your greatest mission!

How will you make the greatest global impact?


Dear pastor, ministry leader, missions enthusiast—

Do you want to take your global reaching, sending, going, giving, praying, promoting, caring, serving, teaching, training, planning, leading, and passion to the next level?

If so, I can help! Following ten years in the pastorate, since 1994 I have assisted churches, agencies, organizations, schools, foundations, and businesses with their Great Commission calling.

I have done extensive consulting; led church mission committees, short-term teams, and a mission organization; ministered in forty-plus countries; produced mission research, evaluation, strategy, and ‘best practice’ reports; taught missions in college and seminary; written articles, a church missions manual, and an intro to missions study; and presented mission seminars and sermons.

Global Impact Services offers valuable global consultation, information, and presentations. Together we can find where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. It’s not just about more money, it’s about better strategy. You are fishers of men: I can help you fish better – and help more of your people want to fish. Let’s talk!

For the glory of God and the nations,
Mark Sigmon

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