Journey to the Nations


If you want to purchase 10 or more books, contact us for a special discount code!



If you want to purchase 10 or more books, contact us for a special discount code!

Do you want to help others find a greater passion for the nations? Are you looking for proven small group study materials? “Journey to the Nations” is a practical, engaging exploration of God’s global mission and our part in it. This is not a missions course for a few: it’s a discipleship study for us all because we all have a role in God’s plan to reach the world – whether we ever leave home or not.

The six lessons answer six vital questions:

  • What does the Bible really say about missions?
  • What is God doing in the world?
  • What is God’s plan to reach the world?
  • How can we serve those who go?
  • How can we reach the lost half a world away?
  • What does God want me to do next?

“Journey to the Nations” is brief enough for anyone to take and deep enough to make a difference. The 40-page study guide is filled with inspiring information, websites, videos, thought-provoking questions, practical application, additional lessons, and additional resources. You can take it alone or in a group led by a passionate facilitator.

The Leader’s Guide contains insights into the discussion questions, more videos and websites, learning activities, suggestions for use of time, and more. If you lead a group you are going to want this.

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